Our offer

Construction investmets

  • preparing technical documentation;
  • complex assistance with acquiring administrative decisions;
  • substantive assistance in the field of design and investment financing;
  • pricing of construction investments;
  • general construction works including i.a. construction, finishing;
  • adaptation of premises in existing buildings.

Sanitary installation

  • air-flow and air conditioning installations;
  • central heating installation, boiler-rooms;
  • water installations;
  • sewage installations;
  • gas installations.

Electrical installations

  • electrical installations;
  • illumination installations;
  • reserve power supply installations (aggregates);
  • lightning protection installations;
  • SAP fire signalling installations;
  • structural nets installations;
  • CCTV company television installations;
  • SSWiN break-in and theft signalling installations;
  • prefabrication of low-voltage switchgear;
  • BMS and EIB building automation installations;
  • NN low-voltage cable lines;
  • Street illumination installations.